How can I increase the capacity of the AKIPS VM disk?

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Our AKIPS VM server is telling us that our disk is at 85% full. How can we increase the disk space?



  1. Confirm that your backup is working and that you can see a recent backup (Admin -> System -> Backup -> Check Status). 
  2. Shutdown your backup AKIPS server via the GUI (Admin -> System -> System Shutdown -> Shutdown Server).
  3. Check in the hypervisor console that the server has completely shutdown.
  4. Increase the size of the disk allocated to the AKIPS server in the hypervisor admin software. We only support a single disk so you will need to increase the existing disk, not add an additional disk.
  5. Start your AKIPS server. We have a startup routine which should detect that the disk has increased and update the volume appropriately.
  6. Check on your AKIPS server that the disk space has increased (Admin -> System -> System Info -> System Information -> Disk Used).
  7. Upgrade the disk space allocated to your AKIPS backup server as the backup server needs to have double the disk space as your primary server to be able to store the backups.

For more information, please refer to the AKIPS Backup & Restore guide.



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