AKIPS License types

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What are the different types of licenses that AKIPS offers, as of 24.2 (16/5/24)?



Default/no license: By default AKIPS installs without a license. All features and functionally are disabled with the exception of receiving backups from a licensed server. All pages with the exception of the System pages to configure access to the servers and the SSL CSR and SSL Settings pages will redirect the user to the activation page.


If it is an existing installation and the license expires, then the server will still poll any existing devices that are configured in the AKIPS server. Alerting and scheduled site-scripts will cease to work.


Lab License: A Lab license has all features unlocked, however the graphs will only show 2hrs worth of data. We will still collect and store data past that point, however only 2hrs of statistics will be visible.


Full License: All features and functionality are available for the period of the license.

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