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What is the AKIPS Community?

It is a group of AKIPS verified users who want to share ideas on network monitoring and how to get the most out of AKIPS Network Monitoring Software.


What are typical topics discussed in the old forum?

Historically, site scripts, site script, site scripts!!!

Other topics have included:

  • Grouping ideas and design
  • APIs and integrations
  • Specific device issues
  • Reports
  • URL manipulation
  • SNMP

and much more...


Joining Information

How do I join the community?

All community members are verified by AKIPS. Please send a support ticket and request in the subject line:

Add me to the AKIPS community.


Who can join the community?

Any user of AKIPS Network Management Software can join the community.


Can an evaluation/trial user join the community?

Yes. Please reply to your trial licence email and ask to be added to the community.


Other Community Questions

Who can post to the community?

Any verified user or trial user of AKIPS Network Monitoring Software.


Who can see the posts on the community?

Anyone who has Internet access and knows how to search or has the URL.


Are there Terms of Use for the community use?

Yes. The legal information is in our general terms and use. You can read them here:


What is happening to the old distribution list contents?

We are slowing transferring that information into the community knowledge section of the knowledge base.


Is the community moderated?

Yes and no.

We have found through the old distribution list that the users of that group have self-moderated. Ideally we want to keep it that way, where the community moderates itself.

However, it is place of respect and any disrespect will not be tolerated. At the discretion of AKIPS, the user may have their access removed for a period of time or indefinitely.


Can I post code to the community?

Absolutely if you're a verified user, but remember it is on the Internet. So please remove anything that may identify anything you want to remain private.


Can I request features?

Absolutely if you're a verified user. There will be a feature request process added to the community.


Can I vote for things?

Not right now, but that feature will be added as we fix up our internal processes to handle it.


What if I have some old distribution threads that I would like to post to the community?

Absolutely, but remember it is on the Internet. So please remove anything that may identify anything you want to remain private. 


What happens if I post something and I want to remove it as I made a horrible mistake?

Contact Support with the Subject Line:

Horrible mistake in community. I need my post removed.

Then add the details, URL, username, picture etc, whatever it takes to prove it was yours.

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