'FATAL Log Error 'Can't open /home/akips/etc/snmp.cfg'

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The below log message has been found in the FATAL log file:

Apr 22 00:00:04 nm-discover FATAL: Can't open /home/akips/etc/snmp.cfg: No such file or directory (Discover.pm:471) 

Root cause:

The above error message will usually occur on a backup server that has not be configured with any SNMP strings under Admin -> Discover -> Discover / Rewalk -> 3. SNMP Parameters.  However, the ‘Daily Discover’ or ‘Daily Rewalk’ have been enabled. If there have not been any SNMP strings configured, then we will not have created the ‘snmp.cfg’ file on that server.



Disable the ‘Daily Discover’ or ‘Daily Rewalk’ under Admin -> Discover -> Discover / Rewalk -> 1. Daily Discover Schedule.

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