Can I access the raw Switchport Mapper data?

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How can I access the raw Switchport Mapper (SPM) data?


All of the SPM data, for the last 60 days, is stored on the AKIPS server under /home/akips/data/spm as flat text files. There are 8 files in the format walk.xxxxx, which is the raw data that we retrieve from the customers devices. We then process these walk files and create a number of other files which we use to display the data. These files are overwritten hourly when SPM runs.

At the end of each day, we compress and archive four of the processed files and copy them into a directory based on the date e.g. /home/akips/data/spm/2022-11-07. Customers can copy these files off their AKIPS server for processing using their own scripts.

The file formats are:

ip2mac.gz EPOCH timestamp, MAC address, IP address
mac2vspa.gz MAC address, Vendor MAC OUI, Device, Port, IP Address
sp2mac.gz Device, Port, MAC address
sp2vlan.gz EPOCH timestamp, Device, Port, Vlan Name, Vlan Number

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