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Is there a way to use custom dates for the criteria in the Availability Reporter? We are trying to get a timeframe of something like 9/1/2017 – 8/31/2018.


For a lot of Items in AKIPs you can hack the URL to get a different view,
In your case you should be able to change the default from;time=last7d;report=ping4;sort=name;status=all;
to something like
Note Date format is YYYY-MM-DD and 12M denotes 12 Months (use m for minutes, d for days h for hours).
To obtain the date format for the URL I just generated an interface graph report with the selected period.
Other Date options for you might be time=last12M and time=last1y which are handy for doing auto generated reports.
If this does not suit your purposes then you probably want to check out the API

Oct 2023

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