What does maintenance mode do?

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Does turning on Maintenance Mode stop polling a device, or just stop reporting on alerts? If only the latter, is there a good way to temporarily disable polling on a single device?


The maintenance_mode group only mutes alerting (all the button does is add/remove from this group). We use the continued polling to ensure a device has returned to service before removing it from MM to avoid unnecessary paging.
You can set SNMP version to “none” to stop the SNMP side of the polling on a device (give it a minute or two to see the effect). This does not appear to affect the historical data and it’ll pick up where it left off when you set it back to v1/2/3. I did not need to re-enter community info or such. There doesn’t seem to be a readily apparent way to stop the pinging. At least, not for specific devices.

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