How to perform a bulk change from SNMPv2 to SNMPv3 for devices in AKIPS?

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AKIPS is using SNMPv2 for monitoring devices and we would like to perform a mass change to SNMPv3 settings. The admin guide only shows how to change devices individually, not for all devices.

What is AKIPS recommendation for implementing a mass change for SNMP values on all polled devices?



Navigate to Admin -> Discover -> Discover / Rewalk and comment out the old SNMPv2 parameters under 3. SNMP Parameters line. Next add the new SNMPv3 user, authentication and encryption parameters.

Once you save your changes, click the “Discover” button to perform a full discovery. Once the discover has completed, check under the Tools -> Device Editor to see if those devices have changed.  

This should change the version that AKIPS will use from SNMPv2 to SNMPv3 as long as AKIPS could successfully walk the device using the SNMPv3 parameters.

Note: Each time AKIPS runs through its discovery process, AKIPS checks all the devices with the SNMP parameters that are set under 3. SNMP Parameters.  Commenting out the older parameter line doesn’t make a difference in what version AKIPS will use in this situation, since it’s coded to use the highest version that the device successfully connects to. Commenting the older line out first is to ensure the new parameters work. Once we can see that it has changed, it would be good practice to remove the older line all together, unless there are other devices using the same parameters.




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