In Syslog Reporter, what do the Mute and Trim dialog boxes (regex rules) and ‘switches’ do?

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Mute and Trim are two types of filters for the information provided under Syslog Report (Mute is also located under the Trap reporter as well). 


Mute: Syslog table omits entries with the keyword specified in the Regex dialog box.

Trim: Syslog table only removes the keyword from entries.

When you add a word to the mute dialogue box, and click the table button, it will remove all the entries (lines) with that word in it.  

When you put a word to filter under Trim and click the Table button, then it will only remove that keyword from the entries not the entire entry/line.    
The toggle button just means you can leave the regex parameters in the box, but it won't apply.

Note:This doesn't remove the entries from the database, it's just a filter process.

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