How can I delete APs from specific controllers?

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We have Aruba AP's which are automatically added to AKIPS. Is it possible to remove these AP's as we manage them via Aruba Airwave or Aruba Central?

Alternatively, we are now managing our Cisco AP's using Cisco Prime or Cisco DNA Centre. We have disabled the “Cisco Access Points” optional feature under the discovery settings. How can we remove all of the AP's that were associated with that controller?

Alternatively, we have decommissioned one of our Wireless LAN Controllers. How can we remove the AP's that were associated with that controller?


AP's are automatically created within AKIPS when we walk a Wireless LAN Controller (WLC). The creation of AP's for Cisco WLCs can be enabled or disabled under "Admin" -> "Discovery" -> "Discover / Rewalk"

Section 8. Optional Features -> Cisco Access Points

Note: Currently you cannot restrict the automatic creation of Aruba AP's within AKIPS.



Site-scripts beginning with “config_” will run after discovery and rewalk. This script will delete AP's from the specified controllers. Note that this script can be used for either Cisco or Aruba controllers.

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