How to update the bandwidth that AKIPS uses to calculate interface utilisation?

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How can I update the reference bandwidth that AKIPS uses to determine interface utilization? For example, you may have a 500Mbps internet link that is delivered on a 1Gbps interface. AKIPS will use the interface speed of 1Gbps to calculate the utilization.


AKIPS uses the IF-MIB.ifSpeed or the IF-MIB.ifHighSpeed OID for interface of 1Gbps or above. We do not use interface bandwidth or QoS parameters from a device to determine the interface bandwidth.

If you want to update the default interface bandwidth that AKIPS uses, then we have two site-scripts available on our website that you can use.


The first script will allow you to update all devices in a specific group:

The second script can be used if you only want to update specific interface bandwidths on specific devices:

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