Ping sendto Permission Denied

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The customer may not be able to ping or discover a device from AKIPS, or they may see the below errors in either the GUI or in the system logs. The customer may only say that they are unable to add a device to AKIPS as we need to be able to ping the device before, we can try and walk it.

"Tools" -> "Ping Tool"

ping: sendto: Permission denied 
ping: sendto: Permission denied
ping: sendto: Permission denied

"Admin" -> "System" -> "System Log Viewer"

Oct 23 20:47:08 nm-poller ERROR: sendto: Permission denied (common.c:4126) 


This can occur due to one of two reasons:

  1. Trying to send a packet to a broadcast address when the socket is not set up for it
  2. The packet is denied being sent due to the kernel packet filtering (eg firewall rules, etc).

Ask the customer if they have IPFW rules configured under "Admin" -> "General" -> "IPFW Rules" or validate if they exist in the “ipfw.rules” file in their system logs.


Ask the customer to update their IPFW rules to allow access to that IP address or subnet. Please refer them to the IPFW help section with the GUI, or to the FreeBSD handbook below.

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