How can I retrieve AKIPS system logs from the CLI when the GUI is unavailable?

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  1.  Login to your AKIPS server using the "akips" user.

  2. Once logged in, you should be in the "/home/akips/' directory. Note that if you don't see this, then AKIPS probably hasn't loaded properly.

    akips@<akips-servername>$ pwd


  3. Run the below command to collect the logs. It may take some time to create the log bundle and there is no output while the command is running:


  4. Once the command has finished, you should see the below message. The tar file will have been created in the below format and placed into the "/home/akips/tmp" directory:

    Log archive created /home/akips/tmp/log_<akips-servername>_YYYY-MM-DD.HHMM.txz

  5. SCP the tar file off your AKIPS server to an SCP server within your organisation using the SCP command from AKIPS, or you could use WinSCP or a similar application. This assumes that you have IP connectivity.

    scp tmp/log_<akips-servername>_YYYY-MM-DD.HHMM.txz <user>@<hostname>:<path>

  6. Upload the log file to and mention ticket number in the details section at the bottom of the uploads page.

Note: If step 3 (nm-system-log) doesn't run, you can just tar the logs up using the below command. You can then scp them off the same way, but the file name you are transferring will be “<name log>_log.tar.gz".

tar -czf <name log>_log.tar.gz /home/akips/log

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