Error when doing packet capture.

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Why does the following error/warning appear when I run a packet capture?


Jan 15 10:03:34.937772 0 ms network-tools 97618 main::packet_capture network-tools:487 Use of uninitialized value $arg{"device"} in string eq at /usr/local/akips/www/network-tools line 487, line 6260.



This message occurs when perform a packet capture and the ip address isn’t associated with a device in AKIPS.

For example, if you run a packet capture against a IP address (and the device isn’t managed in AKIPS), then AKIPS will display that message as it doesn’t have a device associated with it.

You can still perform a packet capture against any traffic going into or out of AKIPS for a particular ip address, but it will display the message above.

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