User accounts created during installation, and how to reset their passwords

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What user accounts are created during installation, and how do we reset their passwords?


When AKIPS is installed, it creates 3 accounts with the password that is set during the install:

  • root - root account has full access to everything on the OS, as expected.
  • akips - This user is created to ssh into the console.  When logged in with this account the user has access to almost everything.  Sometimes one would need to change to the root account to edit system files or certain OS related files.
  • admin - This user account is specifically for akips and logging into the GUI.  This isn't an OS level user account, but the user account is for the GUI.  This account is there for the GUI and will have full access to everything for the "AKiPS" configurations.

If one need to reset the passwords, the following procedure can be found in the Administrator guide under:

13.5 Resetting a password.

Note: View how to video Resetting AKIPS passwords.

Reset the root, akips or admin password:

Log into your hypervisor and access the console for your AKIPS server. In AKIPS, go to
"Admin" --> "System" --> "System Shutdown"

Click Reboot Server.

Warning: you will have only a short amount of time to complete the next step

Back in your hypervisor, at the boot menu, select 2: Boot Single user.

At the /bin/sh prompt, select Enter.

Using the command mount -a, mount the file systems.

Run the following command to change the root or akips shell password, or the admin password for the AKiPS GUI:

Account Command Notes
root passwd root  
akips passwd akips

This account enables you to ssh into your server, i.e. ssh akips@{server}.com

admin passwd admin This account is for the AKIPS GUI and is used to manage most AKIPS functionality

At the prompt, type your new password. Retype your new password.

To continue the normal boot process, type exit

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